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Dr. Tatiana Grecic Dutoit
Composer and Professor of Music
Core-Age International School of Music
Under the Sun, World-Wide

Tatiana Grecic Dutoit specializes in providing the songs that you want to hear on your special occasion. She works together with you to obtain the sheet-music that she will need to fulfill your requests.

Below are videos of Tatiana performing songs from her regular [Song List]

Introducing: Feeling Good

Status: Feeling Good

Introducing: Autumn Leaves

Status: Autumn Leaves

Please check the Event Calendar for available dates. It is updated as soon as possible once a date is reserved. For events outside of Oahu more time consideration would apply.

E-mail or call Core-Age Records & Publishing (808) 209-5955

Please provide details along with name and contact information.

Tatiana Grecic Dutoit is Located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Tatiana's Compositional Website at Core-Age.Com:


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